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School Make Up Days

school make up days

    make up
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school make up days - One Day

One Day

One Day

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet on July 15, 1988, the night of their graduation from the University of Edinburgh--and the movie One Day returns to them on that day every year for the next two decades, following the giddy ups and painful downs of a friendship that hopes and fears to become something more. Emma struggles to become a writer, while Dexter glides effortlessly into a career as a smarmy television host. The two dart back and forth, reaching out and retreating, trying to make lives with other people before they finally recognize what they mean to each other. This structure gives the movie scope, but also keeps individual scenes shallow, as the audience gets dribs and drabs of information (a wedding here, an illness there) while being dropped in the thick of some transitory happiness or misery. Director Lone Scherfig, who made the wonderful An Education, has a gift for grounding her actors' performances in simple human activity, making the emotions rich and immediate; but it's a challenge to get much traction in the script's generalities and cliches. Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) brings a lot of charm and empathy to long-suffering Emma, while Sturgess (Across the Universe) has an uphill battle to make the louche and self-pitying Dexter engaging, and he doesn't quite ascend the summit. The strong supporting cast includes Ken Stott (Rebus), Romola Garai (Emma), and the always-dependable Patricia Clarkson (Pieces of April). --Bret Fetzer

78% (12)

25/365 what's in my bag?

25/365 what's in my bag?

While I was cleaning(sooo many things in my bag are misplaced eg, the raybans and hong kong transportation card)/packing my bag for school tomorrow (rotation day so the schedule is all weird, we're having all 8 of our classes instead of the normal 4) and thinking about what i should upload today. I remember seeing some "whats in my bag" around flickr and I normally don't carry a purse or bag or things like that when i hang out or go shopping with friends, so i just did one with my school bag. i actually really enjoyed doing this! i found so many things i thought i lost :)

and yes! i took my math test and i feel pretty confident about it, but everytime i think i did fine, i end up getting a really bad score.
and I got tagged by empress jacqueline (i feel so stupid but can someone teach me how to like, link in my descriptions?)
1. i usually don't know what to say when people ask me where i'm from. i was born in canada, my family's cantonese but i've lived in shanghai all my life.
2. sorry, i hate coffee :(
3. a lot of people WILL disagree with me, but i dont think taylor lautner's hot. loll but chace crawford is when he doesnt have stubbles.
4. i loove the fruit durian
5. i probably have a lot of habits but i can only think of a few, touching my hair a lot D: slouching and making my toothbrush wet before i put the toothpaste on
6. sunny places > cold places
7. i'm trying to learn how to do a 5x5 rubiks cube. i'm really not a nerd or anything but it's always useful to know little tricks like that :)
8. i wish i was good at the violin and flute, but i play piano and clarinet..
9. GUM'S MY ONLY ADDICTION oh and of course tumblr.
10. i was inlove with the song rocketeer by far east movement awhile ago, until i overplayed it and its not that good anymore. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

people make me wanna throw up sometimes.

people make me wanna throw up sometimes.

Some people are horrible.
A lot of people who don't feel good about themselves feel the need to bring people down with them by saying horrible things to them that are either just plain rude and/or not true.
Truth is, most people listening to shit that is said to them, even if they know its not true and they stand up for themselves, somewhere deep down it hurt them.
Girls can sometimes be the worst. We criticize, backstab, hurt, and bitch out a lot of people, even our friends, just because we get jealous or just have nothing better to do.
We leave notes and pictures tapped up in bathroom stalls saying a girl at our school is a whore, or is not skinny enough.
We but into other peoples lives, trying to make them live how we would because we wish we had what they had.
But its not just girls, boys can be just as guilty of some of these things.
Boys often disrespect girls in many ways.
And many people of both sexes judge like its the only thing that matters.
People stick labels on a lot of people based on what they first see or hear.
"people are not soup cans they shouldn't be labeled" is what a friend once told me. And its 100% true.
Some guys think that some of the prettiest girls I know are but ugly just because they don't have a big enough chest, or they are not starving themselves to be skinny as a twig.
This shit is fucked. Some people need to get some sense into their heads.

A lot of people tell me I'm hideous and disgusting.
And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I really like this picture of me : )

school make up days

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