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Antique Make Up Table

antique make up table

    up table
  • The general playing zone from above the side pockets up to the head rail; the opposite end of the table from the two player’s scoring pockets. An ‘up table’ game would be a game in which the majority of balls have been pushed significantly out of play ‘up table’.

  • old-timer: an elderly man

  • A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age

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antique make up table - Cherry Vanity

Cherry Vanity with Table & Bench Set Makeup Make Up Table

Cherry Vanity with Table & Bench Set Makeup Make Up Table

Take a look at this beautiful full-size vanity / lingerie vanity! It's done in a cherry finish, and has a beautiful Queen Anne look. Notice the drawer pulls and all the storage. This is for jewelry and lingerie. See the side storage that has hooks for necklaces and anklets. This come with a middle pull-out drawer and side drawers all the way down. These drawers are lined with green felt and the top drawer is made for rings. It's beautiful and comes with the stool. The top is 36" across by 16" deep. The stool is 16" across x 14" wide and 17 1/2" tall and has a plush thick cushion.

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Blythe Mod Doll Dream

Blythe Mod Doll Dream

Dream last night: I was pushed out the window of an apartment building, and fell a storey before I caught the window ledge; clinging to the ledge with everything I'm worth, grasping, clutching; Hearing cars below. It's dark. I know that if I slip anymore, I'll fall fallll fall and will cease to exist. My heart is beating like a bird that has fallen out of it's nest. A pretty, gentle Asian woman opens the window. I somehow tapped the window with a rock I found on the ledge, in a panic. - I don't know how I held on with one hand, I was so tired, and felt heavy. I was sliding!
She opens the window and pulls me inside, with much struggle. I was just about to let go. My knees are scraped. My hands feel like they do after playing piano for 2 hours. I get inside and look around; Very tidy; books on every shelf. Brass antique lamp on parlour table next to a footed couch. Tasteful artwork. Asian fusion of professional bohemian. Earth tones with splashes of white. No patterns, just wide strips of colour. I look up, both in thanks and to admire the crown molding. She had put a blanket around my shoulders and I shook and wept.
My ex boss comes to gather me up, and although she seems concerned, asks me to forget it. Leave it. You survived. Don't hold on to it. I scream something about holding on to it was what saved me! Can't you see that I'm lucky to be alive?
I wake up angry.

A is for Antique White

A is for Antique White

I wanted to decide upon a theme for the ABC along. I've considered several -- mostly knit-related, and some not.

And then, when putting away the laundry on Friday I came across some of my old linens and *had* to have them in the first pic. After a bit of thinking I decided that my theme would be color. I hesitated because I'm sure there will be a few letters that are going to feel impossible to find something to fit, but I think that will be part of the fun.

I've pictured a very small sampling of my antique linen collection. I have a real weak spot for old linens. It doesn't matter if I have a need for it or not. I've used unusually-sized tablecloths as curtains, and used pillowcases as runners and toppers.

I come across a lot of linens that are monogrammed and the if the initials aren't mine (actually, I don't think I've ever found something with my initials) it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I'll make up a way that they apply to me (I have a full set of silverware with "M" on it that I say stands for "me"). Other times I just let it be, as a testament to the people they were made for originally.

antique make up table

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