African American Makeup Artist

african american makeup artist

    african american
  • Of or relating to black Americans

  • pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry; "Afro-American culture"; "many black people preferred to be called African-American or Afro-American"

  • Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, as defined by the United States Census Bureau and the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB), are self-identification data items in which residents choose the race or races with which they most closely identify, and indicate whether or not

  • A U.S. citizen having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa.

    makeup artist
  • applies and changes makeup for photo sessions

  • A makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.

  • This is a person who applies makeup professionally to models and other people before they appear on television, in films or any other public platform..

african american makeup artist - My Extra

My Extra

My Extra

In a marriage of complacency and convenience Tatiana’s life is all work and no play. Feeling ignored and unappreciated, she succumbs to the smooth and sexy swagger of RJ Breaux. Everything EXTRA she’s every desired appears to be within him, but underneath his cool exterior lurks a secret life of desire, deception and demise. A tangled web of seduction, love and lust. My Extra will take you on a mind blowing ride of temptation and betraya

In a marriage of complacency and convenience Tatiana’s life is all work and no play. Feeling ignored and unappreciated, she succumbs to the smooth and sexy swagger of RJ Breaux. Everything EXTRA she’s every desired appears to be within him, but underneath his cool exterior lurks a secret life of desire, deception and demise. A tangled web of seduction, love and lust. My Extra will take you on a mind blowing ride of temptation and betraya

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2010Aug05 Kadija 2811

2010Aug05 Kadija 2811

Kadija, I know you're probably not going to like this one, but I really like it. It has such a natural relaxed look that is beautiful. And you look like a singer. :)

2010Aug05 Charity-02

2010Aug05 Charity-02

These are very quick for me to do. I will do more soon.

african american makeup artist

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Antique Make Up Table : Free Makeup Course

Antique Make Up Table

antique make up table

    up table
  • The general playing zone from above the side pockets up to the head rail; the opposite end of the table from the two player’s scoring pockets. An ‘up table’ game would be a game in which the majority of balls have been pushed significantly out of play ‘up table’.

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antique make up table - Cherry Vanity

Cherry Vanity with Table & Bench Set Makeup Make Up Table

Cherry Vanity with Table & Bench Set Makeup Make Up Table

Take a look at this beautiful full-size vanity / lingerie vanity! It's done in a cherry finish, and has a beautiful Queen Anne look. Notice the drawer pulls and all the storage. This is for jewelry and lingerie. See the side storage that has hooks for necklaces and anklets. This come with a middle pull-out drawer and side drawers all the way down. These drawers are lined with green felt and the top drawer is made for rings. It's beautiful and comes with the stool. The top is 36" across by 16" deep. The stool is 16" across x 14" wide and 17 1/2" tall and has a plush thick cushion.

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Blythe Mod Doll Dream

Blythe Mod Doll Dream

Dream last night: I was pushed out the window of an apartment building, and fell a storey before I caught the window ledge; clinging to the ledge with everything I'm worth, grasping, clutching; Hearing cars below. It's dark. I know that if I slip anymore, I'll fall fallll fall and will cease to exist. My heart is beating like a bird that has fallen out of it's nest. A pretty, gentle Asian woman opens the window. I somehow tapped the window with a rock I found on the ledge, in a panic. - I don't know how I held on with one hand, I was so tired, and felt heavy. I was sliding!
She opens the window and pulls me inside, with much struggle. I was just about to let go. My knees are scraped. My hands feel like they do after playing piano for 2 hours. I get inside and look around; Very tidy; books on every shelf. Brass antique lamp on parlour table next to a footed couch. Tasteful artwork. Asian fusion of professional bohemian. Earth tones with splashes of white. No patterns, just wide strips of colour. I look up, both in thanks and to admire the crown molding. She had put a blanket around my shoulders and I shook and wept.
My ex boss comes to gather me up, and although she seems concerned, asks me to forget it. Leave it. You survived. Don't hold on to it. I scream something about holding on to it was what saved me! Can't you see that I'm lucky to be alive?
I wake up angry.

A is for Antique White

A is for Antique White

I wanted to decide upon a theme for the ABC along. I've considered several -- mostly knit-related, and some not.

And then, when putting away the laundry on Friday I came across some of my old linens and *had* to have them in the first pic. After a bit of thinking I decided that my theme would be color. I hesitated because I'm sure there will be a few letters that are going to feel impossible to find something to fit, but I think that will be part of the fun.

I've pictured a very small sampling of my antique linen collection. I have a real weak spot for old linens. It doesn't matter if I have a need for it or not. I've used unusually-sized tablecloths as curtains, and used pillowcases as runners and toppers.

I come across a lot of linens that are monogrammed and the if the initials aren't mine (actually, I don't think I've ever found something with my initials) it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I'll make up a way that they apply to me (I have a full set of silverware with "M" on it that I say stands for "me"). Other times I just let it be, as a testament to the people they were made for originally.

antique make up table

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Celebrity Eye Make Up - Dark Hair Make Up

Celebrity Eye Make Up

celebrity eye make up

  • A famous person

  • a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"

  • A celebrity (sometimes referred to as a celeb in popular culture) is a person who is easily recognized in a society or culture.

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    make up
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  • makeup: an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"

  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed

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celebrity eye make up - Diva Xotic

Diva Xotic Eyes Purple Eye Glitter Jewels Professional Eye Make Up

Diva Xotic Eyes Purple Eye Glitter Jewels Professional Eye Make Up

Diva Eyes Kit with Rhinestone, Lashes XO290. Get a professional make-up artist look for less. Great for Dancers, Showgirls and Costumes, or an attention getting look at the club! Temporary body art is hot and completes any look. Easy to use do-it-yourself kit is Reusable and water resistant. Many styles to choose from. Follow these 3 easy Steps: 1. Peel: Remove pink backing from the Exotic Eyes leaving the clear film on the front. 2. Stick: Apply the Exotic Eyes while the eye is open above the eyelid crease. If you apply on or below the eyelid crease the Exotic Eye is incorrect. 3. Fill: Use the Pasty Glitter Goo to blend the Exotic Eye down to the lash line. Kit includes: Upper and Lower Exotic Eyes, Pasty Glitter Goo and Easy To Follow Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions. Exotic Eyes is must have eye make up! Sparkle eyes are perfect for the club, costumes, show make up dancers and professional models. Xotic Eyes Kits

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Something a bit different from me this time.. But I really like it.

View on black

This is for my photography project in I am investigating the impact celebrities have on everyday people, such as anorexia and self esteem, and this is attempting to show self esteem issues for example hiding your face with make up... This is my friend Hannah!

I'm not sure people will like these but I really do!

TV Personlity Sabrina A. Parisi writes on her Facebook

TV Personlity Sabrina A. Parisi writes on her Facebook

An often sarcastic TV personality Sabrina A. Parisi personally writes to her fans on her official Facebook fanclub.

June 02, 2011 after posting a photo of herself with not make up and getting ready to go out, she said: " I'm really considering to merge MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and call it: MY FACE YOU TWIT!!!!!"

celebrity eye make up

celebrity eye make up

The Cult of Celebrity: What Our Fascination with the Stars Reveals About Us

America’s fast-growing religion is—let’s face it—celebrity worship. From gossip magazines to entertainment TV, from blogs to ads featuring famous faces, the stars are our new gods and goddesses. But why are we so quick to put them on pedestals? Why are we even more spellbound when they topple back down to earth?

The Cult of Celebrity is the first book to explore this phenomenon comprehensively and yet in eminently readable terms. In a compulsive read, Cooper Lawrence maps out the psychology behind the behavior of the stars—and that of the millions out there who follow their every move. She points both to the benefits and dangers not only to society but also to us personally; to our spending habits, health, social awareness, attitude toward personal failure and toward relationships, and above all, our self-image. And she offers practical tips on keeping our interest under control. Drawing on the latest research as well as interviews with fans and entertainment industry insiders, as well as celebrities themselves, The Cult of Celebrity is as accessible and sassy as it is thought-provoking.

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How To Clean Bare Minerals Makeup Brushes : Makeup For Cheap : Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Powder Foundation.

How To Clean Bare Minerals Makeup Brushes

how to clean bare minerals makeup brushes

  • A substance obtained by mining

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Mineral 47-1

Mineral 47-1

Galena (Galenit)
Mineral from lead and zinc mine Trepca



From the Halpern Mineral Collection, San Francisco

how to clean bare minerals makeup brushes

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Japanese cosmetics companies : Makeup mirror light bulb : How to wear eye make up

Japanese Cosmetics Companies

japanese cosmetics companies

  • (cosmetic) serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"

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japanese cosmetics companies - Japanese Fairy

Japanese Fairy Tales

Japanese Fairy Tales

This anthology is a thorough introduction to classic literature for those who have not yet experienced these literary masterworks. For those who have known and loved these works in the past, this is an invitation to reunite with old friends in a fresh new format. From Shakespeare s finesse to Oscar Wilde s wit, this unique collection brings together works as diverse and influential as The Pilgrim s Progress and Othello. As an anthology that invites readers to immerse themselves in the masterpieces of the literary giants, it is must-have addition to any library.

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~Inari Okami~

~Inari Okami~

Inari Okami (?????, also Oinari) is the Japanese kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success and one of the principal kami of Shinto. Represented as male, female, or androgynous, Inari is sometimes seen as a collective of three or five individual kami. Inari appears to have been worshipped since the founding of a shrine at Inari Mountain in 711 AD, although some scholars believe that worship started in the late 5th century.

Worship of Inari spread across Japan in the Edo period, and by the 16th century Inari had become the patron of blacksmiths and the protector of warriors. Inari is a popular figure in both Shinto and Buddhist beliefs in Japan. More than one-third (32,000) of the Shinto shrines in Japan are dedicated to Inari. Modern corporations, such as cosmetic company Shiseido, continue to revere Inari as a patron kami, with shrines atop their corporate headquarters.[1]

Inari's foxes, or kitsune, are pure white and act as his/her messengers.

Hanatsubaki, Nov 2008, No. 701

Hanatsubaki, Nov 2008, No. 701

Shiseido's in-house fashion magazine, Hanatsubaki (Camelia Flower). Shiseido is a high-end Japanese cosmetics company, and Hanatsubaki has been in continuous print since 1937 with a subscriber base of over 9 million. (thanks Wikipedia!)

I am part of a small story on origami and design process, or something to that effect.

japanese cosmetics companies

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